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Trade 360 Investments Trade Station

The Ultimate Trading Platform for Beginner Traders!

Trade 360 is Trade Investments’s flagship trading platform and offers you a truly intuitive trading experience! We’ve designed and developed this trading platform with beginner traders in mind. Getting started with Trade 360 Investments Trade Station (Trade 360) couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is register a trading account with us, make your first deposit and you can start trading using Trade 360 immediately!

Advantages of using Trade 360 to trade Forex

  • One click trading
  • Eagle eye view of all the markets
  • Complete trading transparency
  • Available on the Apple App Store & Google Play
  • The easiest trading platform to trade with


Superb 1-on-1


Spreads from
0.0 Pips!


-30ms Execution Speeds!


Round the Clock Support!


Huge Selection of Instruments

Outstanding Forex Education & 1-On-1 Training

Here at Trade 360 Investments, we’re fully committed towards helping all investors remain abreast of the best trading strategies to multiply their profits. We take the training, education and the advancement of our traders very seriously.

Whether you’re brand new to the online trading world, or you’re ready to take your existing skills to the highest possible level, you’ll find the very best Forex and online trading educational resources right here!

An educated trader is a better trader, and we see this each and every day with our traders. Knowledge represents the most critical key to success in all aspects of trading, which is why we support the training and education of all our traders. Our education center allows every investor to access the latest economic calendars, real-time market news, videos and eBooks on how to get better at trading!

Complete 1-On-1 Forex Training
Once you’ve got your Trade 360 Investments Trading Account, simply speak to your Account Manager about receiving your 1-on-1 training sessions. We’ll empower you to get started and become profitable a lot quicker than you thought possible. Our trading strategies and trading plans will boost your trades and you’ll see this reflected in your trading account balance!